Infrared Remote Control Receiver  for Canon Cameras with CHDK* Firmware

Easy to use remote control for most Canon Power Shot Cameras without built in remote control receiver. The only things you need ist the CanoRemote receiver, a USB Cable and a standard Apple Remote. The range of the receiver is more than 10 meters.

How it works

The infrared remote receiver evaluates the key codes sent by the Apple Remote and converts them into pulses of different lengths, then they were send via USB connection to the camera. The CHDK firmware recognizes the different pulse width and performs different functions according to the length of the pulse. The receiver has several modes to fit optimal to the used CHDK version.

CanoRemote Kit

*CHDK is free software, CHDK released under the GPL, allowing you to use it for free, and also create your own modifications. CHDK is a firmware ADDON – CHDK does not replace the original firmware, and does not make any permanent changes to the camera. Instead, it is loaded from the SD card, either at startup or using the built in menu.
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